Grants & Funding

Gianforte Family Foundation Robotics Club Sponsorship

The Gianforte Family Foundation is happy to support robotics clubs in Montana, as opportunities for youth to get excited about coding and computer science.  We encourage youth robotics clubs in Montana to apply for annual sponsorship grants of $1,500, or no more than 25% of the club's annual budget, whichever is less.


If a club applies for sponsorship, a decision can typically be provided to them in four weeks or less.


Process to Apply - Clubs applying for standard sponsorship can now apply via our website under the Robotics Club Sponsorship program.  


The Gianforte Family Foundation hopes that this funding will allow more Montana clubs to get started or grow their membership, reaching more youth.

FTC Rookie Grants & PDP Rookie Grants 

The FTC Rookie Grant is back! This grant is meant for underserved/Underrepresented Rookie FTC teams. Teams can apply directly here:

Grants will be awarded weekly.  

FTC SIM Argosy Rookie Team Grant - $1000 USD!


This is a $1000 USD grant that can be used to purchase registration & equipment through the FIRST Dashboard. This grant is available for all North American Teams. Details about the grant are below:

Gene Haas Competition Teams (FIRST) Sponsorship Grant

Competition Teams such as FIRST & SAE that highlight the MFG/ENG program are eligible for sponsorship grants. 

Apply Here

Triangle Communications Youth Technology Grant

The Triangle Communications Youth Club/Organization Technology Grant program offers monetary support to youth

clubs/organizations in the Triangle service area (16 counties in Montana - see map here)

Apply Here